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Trying to adjust to daylight savings seems extra difficult this year, so yesterday I tried starting the day with a little bit of glamour…

…and ending it with a bit of cozy chamomile. It’s the little niceties that make a day special, don’t you think? Hope you are all having a lovely week!

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{image via Posie Gets Cozy}

Posie Gets Cozy just added this charming Winterwoods ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler to her online shop – and even though I’ve never done cross stitch – I immediately bought it. The little red mittens, the snowflake, the wellies and the coffee cup…the whole cabin in the woods theme will be perfect addition to the library/knitting room in the new house. Plus, it will be fun to try something new!

{image via Posie Gets Cozy}

Posie Gets Cozy is one of my favorite blogs in the whole entire world…written by Alicia Paulson, it is one the few blogs* that I check on a daily basis. Her writing style, her photography, her incredible talent with fiber and fabric, her studio, her insanely cozy home…it is all so inspirational!

{image via Posie Gets Cozy}

And for newbies such as myself, Alicia is kind enough to offer her favorite embroidery supplies for sale in her shop as well. Pick up a Winterwoods sampler of your very own here.  This weekend, be sure to pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and read Alicia’s blog here. Have a great weekend!

{*other daily reads: dona knits, garance doré, this is glamorous}

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Cool weather and changing leaves marks the beginning of the knitting season…it’s time for pumpkins, wool and buttons:

  1. Autumn Fall Coffee Mug Cozy with Wooden Button, $17.00 at Chic n’ Warm
  2. Halloween Pumpkin Photo (4″x6″), $9 at Amelia Kay Photography
  3. Set of 8 Wooden Buttons, $8.85 at Woods of Narnia
  4. Set of 6 Orange Fabric Covered Buttons, $7.25 at Heyday Handmade
  5. Silky Merino Sock Yarn in Spiced Pumpkin, $21 at North Loop Yarn
  6. Set of 6 Pumpkin Fabric Buttons, $5 at The Sunday Flower

Happy Fall!

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Lately, my mind has been drawn to serene shades of robin’s egg blue and cream…wishing spring would linger just a little bit longer.

  1. Bottle of Vintage Buttons, $8 at all things white.
  2. The Sewing Box, 8″x8″ print, $12 at Lola’s Room.
  3. Organic Cotton Yarn, $14.75 at Thoughtful Gems Crafts.
  4. Hand-stamped Gift Tags, $7 at Skapligt’s Shop.
  5. Enamel Necklace, $25 at VerreEncore.
  6. Icy Mist Oak Fingering Yarn, $25 at Dyeforwool.

{All pictures were lovingly borrowed from their respective Etsy shops.}

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spring etsy love.

Soon, the spring crocuses popping out of the cold, winter ground…in the meantime, here are some crocus-inspired Etsy finds to tide you over:

  1. 11 x 14 Garden Melodies Fine Art Watercolor, $200 at Created by Storm.
  2. Crocus Coming to Dust Merino Fingering Yarn, $23/€16 at Dye for Wool.
  3. Superfine Alpaca Roving in Aged Violets, $18 at Fiber Fancy.
  4. Amethyst Spring Stitch Markers, $8.49 at Anne K. Riley.
  5. Crocus Yarn, $22 at Gnomespun Yarn.

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a makeshift yarn bowl.

It’s always fun when you can find new uses for old things – like this gigantic latte mug. It makes a perfect yarn bowl, doesn’t it?

At 5″ wide and 3 1/2″ deep, it is the perfect size for a ball of sock yarn. I just place it on the floor next to wherever am I sitting – no more rolling off the couch and under the table!

Plus, the handle acts as a built-in yarn guide. Perfect!


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yarn bowls.

{image via red hot pottery etsy shop}

Have any of you ever used a yarn bowl? What do you think of them? I like the concept of keeping my yarn from rolling around as I knit.  This sunny yellow version is sweet, don’t you think? {Yarn Bowl, $36 at Red Hot Pottery’s Etsy shop}

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Recently, Dona was kind enough to send me a little mail from Paris. Most people do not send handwritten correspondence anymore, so this was such a nice treat! Inside, there was this postcard, and on the back, a sweet little message thoughtfully written both en français and en anglais. I think I might frame this for the studio! Along with the postcard was:One of her famous petites étoiles! She loves to crochet these little stars, and has over 50, I think. Her stitches are so perfect! She has a special secret for getting it so perfectly blocked, but I will let her share that with you… She also sweetly sent:Petit boutons! How charming are these little buttons covered in Liberty fabric?  I will have to find un projet spécial for these, for sure. Merci pour ce petit paquet, Dona! Tu es un doux ami. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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 Dona and I are having a little sock knit-a-long this month – and even though she is in Paris and I am in Delaware, we are having a lot of fun knitting together. On Tuesday, I ran to the yarn store to pick out some yarn for the socks, and after about 20 minutes walking back and forth in front of the sock wall, I decided on this blue-green skein of Cascade Heritage.  Dona is also knitting in a blue-green yarn, so I thought it would be fun if our colors were similar.   Yesterday, I did almost nothing but knit, and was able to knock out one sock from cuff to heel.  I promised myself that I would not start the gusset decreases until I did some work around the house today. We’ll see if my willpower is strong enough – I mean, as long as everyone is fed and has clean clothes to wear, we should be good, right? Also, while waiting for my yarn to be wound at the shop, I saw this:It’s called Bee Bar Lotion, and it’s a bar of beeswax, lanolin and shea butter that smells of coconut. When warmed in your hands, it turns into a thick moisturizer. Being the beauty-junkie that I am, I had to get it.  Plus, it looks really pretty on my vanity, don’t you think? ~j

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I am looking for a new spring tote bag, one that can comfortably fit lots of yarn… Currently, I have my eye set on two, both from Lands End.  The white canvas Route 63 Snap Tote (above), with it’s pretty, caramel-colored leather trim, or:

…the Canvas 1963 Washed Tote. It’s a bit smaller than the first one, but the classic blue and white pairing really appeals to my inner preppy.  Plus, the leather strap elevates it a bit from a standard boat-and-tote.

Let’s have a poll!

{Route 63 Snap Tote, $138/Canvas 1963 Washed Tote $49.50. Click on images to buy.}



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