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Would you like to see what yarn I bought at Seed Stitch this past weekend? I definitely wanted to get some new sock yarn, so upon entering the store, I went directly to the Spud & Chloe display where I immediately plucked these two skeins right off the rack:

The colors? Red Hot and their new colorway – Hippo! I thought this wintery, long-john inspired color combination would be perfect for a cozy pair of socks. The pattern?

Hedgerow! I have been wanting to knit this sock for quite a while, and thought that the texture would pair beautifully with the red and the gray. While browsing the shop, my husband called me over to look at a little shawl knit in Cascade Ultra Pima. He liked how crisp the stitch definition was due to the lack of fuzzy wool or alpaca.  He called it “hi-def knitting.”  How cute is that? I was glad he pointed this project out, because the yarn was the perfect choice for the shawl I have been wanting to knit for his mother!

Sadly, she is allergic to wool, but this soft, shiny cotton is perfect for highlighting the stockinette and lace stitches in the Shaelyn pattern, don’t you think? It was so hard to leave the store with only four items…there were so many lovely skeins I wanted to adopt! It would be so easy to walk out there with tons of yarn to have on hand, you know, ‘just in case’…but I was very good and only bought what was needed. Off to cast on my Shaelyn!

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Lately, my mind has been drawn to serene shades of robin’s egg blue and cream…wishing spring would linger just a little bit longer.

  1. Bottle of Vintage Buttons, $8 at all things white.
  2. The Sewing Box, 8″x8″ print, $12 at Lola’s Room.
  3. Organic Cotton Yarn, $14.75 at Thoughtful Gems Crafts.
  4. Hand-stamped Gift Tags, $7 at Skapligt’s Shop.
  5. Enamel Necklace, $25 at VerreEncore.
  6. Icy Mist Oak Fingering Yarn, $25 at Dyeforwool.

{All pictures were lovingly borrowed from their respective Etsy shops.}

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june sock yarn

Since I am always thinking about my next project, I went to my LYS to pick out some sock yarn for the month of June.

This is Knit One Crochet Two’s Crock-O-Dye fingering yarn – 416 yards in a wool, nylon, silk blend. I love the watery shades of blue, green and white…To me, this yarn is all blue skies, beach glass, and fluffy white clouds – the perfect summer day! I am thinking of knitting some hedgerows with it, but I thought I’d ask you guys: which pattern would you knit with this yarn? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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My May socks are on the needles! I so badly wanted to use my new Addi needles, but alas, I could not get gauge. So size 0/2mm. dpns. it is. This is my second attempt at writing a sock pattern – here’s hoping it is a little more successful than the first attempt.

A quick word about this Fibre Company Canopy Fingering yarn – love. I’ve only knit 16 rounds with it so far, but the hand and sheen of this yarn is just gorgeous! The girls over at Kelbourne Woolens are so lucky they get to play with this all day!

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I know April just started, but I am already looking forward to my May socks! I’ll be knitting with this beautiful Fibre Company Canopy fingering yarn (top: Rosehip, bottom: Kaffir Plum).

I’ll also be knitting with my new Addi turbos – my very first pair of Addis! I am going to try my hand at magic loop knitting…it should be a lot of fun!

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inventory time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what projects I want to knit for Spring, but before I go out and buy any more new yarn, I think it might be a good idea to take a couple of hours to organize the stash.

This weekend, I’ll go through every ball, hank and skein and write an inventory list – by fiber weight, color, and yardage. Then, I’ll see if anything fits any of the projects I am planning to knit. How about you? How do you organize your stashes, dear readers?

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a makeshift yarn bowl.

It’s always fun when you can find new uses for old things – like this gigantic latte mug. It makes a perfect yarn bowl, doesn’t it?

At 5″ wide and 3 1/2″ deep, it is the perfect size for a ball of sock yarn. I just place it on the floor next to wherever am I sitting – no more rolling off the couch and under the table!

Plus, the handle acts as a built-in yarn guide. Perfect!


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