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Sitting still for just a moment!

Today, after a long stretch of sewing nothing but items for Baby-T, I turned on Bernito to use some of the gorgeous fabric Mom Jodie and I found at Piece by Piece Fabric during my recent trip to Eugene, OR.  (more on Piece by Piece Fabrics later … suffice it to say I was like a kid in a candy store!)  It’s funny – they weren’t anywhere near each other in the store (fabric grouped by color), but Mom and I wound up pairing them together.  They are from the Spring Pop Garden collection by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit Fabric.  The colors are bold and bright, just perfect for a dress for Katie.  Not wanting to make something too fussy but still chic, I pulled out the trusted sundress pattern from the Habitual Blog (thanks again!).  The fabric had an odd spot on it in one place, so I stitched up some double layer lined pockets.

two pockets in one - both lined

two pockets in one - both lined

Katie loves the dress – and though it’s a bit short (I was generous in hemming), I think it will look great for the rest of summer, and perfect for school with a pair of bright white leggings.


looking for the bow

One down, two more to go!


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