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Easter is tomorrow, so around here that means dress making!  The girls picked out this colorful fabric – bright aqua cotton with sparkly peep-like bunnies all over.  I’m not sure it would have been Jaime’s first choice, but sometimes it good to let the kids have a little creative control; it makes them feel like they are part of the process!  The bunnies are kind of sweet in a sugary-confection kind of way:

The pattern is from a book Mom Jodie generously sent to us from Oregon called Absolutely A-Line:

The book gives you a way to make 26 different dresses from one pattern.  Jaime kept it simple and went with a basic A-line shift – no bells, no whistles, just a simple dress for Katie to run around in and still look cute for pictures.  Not that she doesn’t always look cute in pictures:

There was a little surprise added to the dress that Katie just loved – a little carrot button and pink ribbon closure:

It was the icing on the sparkly bunny cake.  Katie got to wear her dress to school on Thursday for their Easter party, which she was pretty excited about.  I love that she gets excited about wearing homemade things to school.  She always wears her Mom’s creations proudly, which is just the sweetest.

One dress down, two more to go…We hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

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Sitting still for just a moment!

Today, after a long stretch of sewing nothing but items for Baby-T, I turned on Bernito to use some of the gorgeous fabric Mom Jodie and I found at Piece by Piece Fabric during my recent trip to Eugene, OR.  (more on Piece by Piece Fabrics later … suffice it to say I was like a kid in a candy store!)  It’s funny – they weren’t anywhere near each other in the store (fabric grouped by color), but Mom and I wound up pairing them together.  They are from the Spring Pop Garden collection by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit Fabric.  The colors are bold and bright, just perfect for a dress for Katie.  Not wanting to make something too fussy but still chic, I pulled out the trusted sundress pattern from the Habitual Blog (thanks again!).  The fabric had an odd spot on it in one place, so I stitched up some double layer lined pockets.

two pockets in one - both lined

two pockets in one - both lined

Katie loves the dress – and though it’s a bit short (I was generous in hemming), I think it will look great for the rest of summer, and perfect for school with a pair of bright white leggings.


looking for the bow

One down, two more to go!


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