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spring yarn sale at purl soho!

{image via purl soho}

Oh…to buy or not to buy?  They have Amy Butler organic on sale, which I’ve been itching to try… and 40% off is a pretty great deal, don’t you think? Visit Purl’s Blog here for details, then head over to the shop before everything is gone!

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1. Make a delicious brunch.  Doesn’t this Brioche French Toast looks scrumptious?

2. Browse the new fabric at Sew Mama Sew!

3. See what Garance is up to.  Then promptly clean out closet.

4. Catch up on Never Not Knitting podcasts.

5. Splurge on a glamorous new summer lipstickWear it every single day to justify the cost.

6. Check out the new Spud & Chloe yarn colors.  Also:

7. Read about Susan’s Dream Catcher Baby BlanketAdorable and free!

8. Read the new online Lonny magazine.  Drink hot coffee. 

9. Plan a trip to the gorgeous new Purl Soho shopLeave wallet at home.

10.  Make a pot of Sunday Sauce.  Check out Ree’s yummy version.

~Have a great weekend!

{image from the lovely Sunday Suppers}

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Knitting goodies have been arriving at a steady pace this week…

{Last-Minute Knitted Gifts}

{Last-Minute Knitted Gifts}

For Mother’s Day, my darling sissy gave me Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, who is the owner of the famed Purl boutique in downtown Manhattan.  Last Friday morning, I finally got to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and read through the book from cover to cover.

Joelle starts the book with a section on Exploring Color – she goes over everything from the color wheel to color relativity, complementary and related colors, and understanding chroma and color values.  It’s a good place to start if you are ready to break out of a ‘neutral’ rut!

{so many color choices!}

{so many color choices!}

She includes a Basics chapter, which covers the different types of fibers, how to care for them, and how to substitute yarn, followed by chapters on tools, how to knit from a pattern and finishing.

The projects are broken down into chapters as well, all according to how long each takes to make.  They include:

  • less-than-two-hour gifts
  • two-to-four hour gifts
  • four-to-six hour gifts
  • six-to-eight hour gifts
  • more-than-eight-hour gifts

Some queue-worthy projects worth noting:

{Hats for the family} by Kim Hamlin

{Hats for the family} by Kim Hamlin

{Lovable Toys} by Marion Edmonds

{Lovable Toys} by Marion Edmonds

{Silk Camisole} by Joelle Hoverson

{Silk Camisole} by Joelle Hoverson

She ends the book with a section on wrapping hand-knit gifts, as well as listing a few special knitting techniques for projects in the book.  Overall, this is a lovely book filled with useful basics (blankets and scarves) and a few novelties (such as gusseted floor cushions). I think I’ll start a ‘less-than-two-hour’ project and see if I can complete it in the allotted time!

Also arriving this week was some delicious new yarn:

{the picture does not do the colors justice!}

{hand-spun wool & mohair yarn}

These gorgeous skeins came courtesy of my former English professor, Judy, who resides in upstate New York.  We share a love of strong women characters in classic literature as well as all things fiber.  She spun some beautiful Ashland Bay  roving, manipulating the colors using a technique called drafting (which I am definitely going to have to research)…  The color is called ‘grenada’ and it’s a heathery composition of shades including navy, grapey-violet, olive green, mallard blue, and a few warm flecks of umber.  I am thinking of turning these beauties into a cable knit hat and scarf for the fall.

{rich fall hues}

{cushy suede yarn in rich fall hues}

My fantastic mother-in-law* Nancy sent over five skeins of Lion Suede Yarn in the color Canyon.  It is a burnt-orange/reddish color that instantly reminds me of  autumn, when the leaves on the trees are lushly colored.  This will make a nice, cozy wrap for those chilly fall evenings out on the deck.

*(now, I know the words ‘fantastic’ and ‘mother-in-law’ aren’t usually used together, but she really is fantastic – seriously, Jaime and I both hit the mother-in-law JACKPOT).

Also tucked in with the yarn were two vintage knitting patterns from the Lion Brand Yarn Company.  They belonged to her mother, and I am proud to add them to my collection.

{chic retro knitting patterns}

{cool retro knitting patterns}

The first was for a child’s sweater, knit with Sportelle yarn, which was apparently “washable and moth-proof”:

{for the 'shetland' look!}

{vintage cutie}

The second sheet has two patterns on it:

The ‘Casual Blouse with Buttoned Yokes’…

{look how tiny her waist is!}

{look how tiny her waist is!}

and ‘The Spencer Jacket and Skirt’…

{so sophisticated!}

{so sophisticated!}

I could imagine my grandmother looking so chic in both of these back in the day…Sizing for both the blouse, jacket and skirt start at size 12- apparently, 12 is the old 4!

Happy knitting… ~Jenny

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