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My boss was sweet enough to let me come in an hour late yesterday morning…it was so nice to sit at the table and enjoy some hot toast with peanuts butter, a steaming cup of coffee, and sweet blueberries from the market. Most days feel so repetitive; I feel like I go from bed to shower to car to office without blinking an eye. Like the movie Groundhog Day, or like being on autopilot. So this morning, I took that precious extra hour to appreciate all of the little things around the house that I usually walk by day after day without taking much notice…it’s nice to slow down every now and then. The best part was getting in a few rows of knitting before work! It really is the little things, isn’t it?

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{photo via homespun living}

How pretty are these petite French farmhouse dishcloths? I want to knit a whole stack of them for the new kitchen…cream-colored organic cotton paired with red french ticking-stripes is a classic I will never tire of. Perhaps I’ll knit some of the stripes in navy blue, and some in a sunny yellow, then pile them all sweetly into a basket next to our kitchen sink.

For the free pattern, please visit the Homespun Living blog!


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good morning!

This picture of dirt may not look like much, but we are very, very excited about it…because in six short months, this will be where our lovely new house will stand! It will have:

  • four bedrooms
  • an eat-in-kitchen
  • a dining room
  • an office
  • a family room
  • two and a half bathrooms
  • an upstairs laundry room! 

This is a sketch of what it will look like when it is finished:

Cozy, isn’t it? The siding will not be yellow- it will be Coastal Sage, a calming, medium-shade of green. I can assure you that is the only color my husband and I will agree on, so we may need your help picking our interior paint colors…

Have a lovely week!

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