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On Tuesday, I decided to cast on my Raglan pullover for the Spud & Chloe knitalong, and let me tell you – this is going to be big trouble.  If you are going to start a knitalong, you should forget about everything else you need to do – laundry, cleaning, showering – because the only thing that will matter to you will be getting to the next step.

It is so insanely addicting that I even skipped lunch just so that I could keep knitting.  Part 1 is finished – since my neck measured 5″, I cast on the same number of stitches as Susan’s Grape Jelly pullover, and knit the raglan increases until the piece measured 3″ from the cast on edge before joining in the round.  I am quickly working my way through Part 2, which is to knit the sweater until it reaches 1″ below my underarm, after which, the sleeves will get separated from the body.  I am using one of my beloved LL Bean raglan pullovers as a guide…everything is matching up quite nicely.

I love that this sweater pattern is more of a recipe than an actual written pattern; since it’s knit top-down, I’ll be able to try it on as I knit and custom-fit it to my body using a little bit of math.  Susan clearly explains every step, so don’t let a little math scare you from joining.  Plus, there is a lot of support out there if you need help along the way!

Today, I refuse to pick up my needles until my to-do list is complete.  We’ll see how long that lasts… ~J

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{left: Coraline Sweater; right: Tea Leaves Cardigan}

I’m not even finished with my pleated top yet, and I’m already trying to decide which sweater to cast on next.  I’ve narrowed it down to Coraline by Ysolda Teague and the Tea Leaves cardigan by Madeline Tosh .  I think the Coraline would look gorgeous knit in a deep Christmas red, and the the Tea Leaves in a very subtly-variegated green.

Let me know what do you think…and have a great weekend! ~J

{pattern links: Coraline, Tea Leaves}

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