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Oh my goodness, you guys – I cannot. stand. the cute.My mom has been in the hospital for two weeks now, and her main nurse, Angie, is due to have a baby girl early next month. Angie has been so sweet and helpful to my mom, that we thought it would be a nice gesture to knit her a little baby hat as a thank you. Since this will be a spring baby, my mind immediately went to Susan B. Anderson’s Bunny Tail hat. A few hours is all it takes to knit this bundle of cuteness. I mean, just look at these precious little ears, with their tiny yarn bows:Irresistible. And the furry little tail:AdorableHere are the details if you’d like to make your own little Bunny Tail in time for Spring or Easter (and you know you want to…):

  • Pattern: Bunny Tail Hat, by Susan B. Anderson
  • Source:Itty-Bitty Hats
  • Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK in Pretty Pink – 2705 (body) and Chalk -2700 (tail)
  • Needles: Size US 7 16″ circs. and set of US 7 dpns.
  • Size Made: newborn
  • Ravelers: Click here for Project Page

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With Christmas just a few days away, things are pretty busy here around Casa Sorella – but I did want to pop in to share a few more Christmas hats with you.  This one is for my adorable nephew Jackson – he is a Jets fan, so now he can show a little team spirit when he watches the game with his Dad.    Instead of the 1×1 rib the pattern calls for on the bottom, I worked a chunky 3×1 rib.  I secured the pom-pom extra well, as he has already ripped the one off of his blue winter hat.  {I love boys.}  I can’t wait to see this on the little meatball’s head!This plain and simple cap is for my son.  He came home from school the other day (he’s 9) and said: “Mom, I can’t wear this Scooby Doo hat to school anymore.  The kids are teasing me – they think Scooby Doo is for babies.”  {Boys are mean.}  So I knit him a hat that nobody could possibly make fun of!  No pom-pom for this fourth-grade boy – way too risky.For Ben’s edge, I worked a 2×1 rib – a few rows in gray and a the rest in the blue, then worked the rest of the pattern as written.  Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Kim’s Hats by Kim Hamlin
  • Source: Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool {for Jackson: Green -9430 and White – 8505; for Ben: 8555 – Blue and 8400 – Gray, all 1 skein each}
  • Needles: Size US 9 16″ circulars and set of Size 9 dpns.
  • Size Made: Jackson – toddler/ Ben – child
  • Mods: Jackson – 3×1 rib/ Ben – 2×1 rib

Yesterday, I made Nigella’s Girdlebuster Pie {how awesome is that name?} and some Snickerdoodles for the annual cookie exchange.  Today I will be making 6 lbs. of meatballs and 8 lbs. of sausage and peppers for our Christmas Eve party.  Things can get a little stressful with all the prep-work, so I’ve implemented a  “no complaining” rule for myself – no complaining about anything, not even how tired I am.  I got through yesterday without making one complaint and my hubby said he was very proud.  Thanks Joanna, for the inspiration! ~J

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pitter patter…

These might just be the cutest socks ever, don’t you think?  They are so teeny-tiny and super-squishy!  Now that I’ve knit these, I don’t think I’ll ever knit a pair of baby booties again.  The cute factor is way high on these socks, plus, they will surely stay put on wiggly little baby feet – something booties seem to have a problem doing.
I knit these to go with the baby sweater I’ve been working on, which is also finished (I’ll share with you tomorrow!).  And of course, to complete the set, I whipped up a classic little hat:
I love knitting wee-little things.  Here are the details:


  • pattern:Pitter-Patter Socks, by Jackie Ziegler (pdf download on Ravelry)
  • yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zara Solid (in Salmon – 1741 and Ivory – 1396)
  • needles: Size US 4 dpns.
  • size made: small


Tomorrow you will get to see the sweater, complete with buttons.  Also, I finished my raglan pullover (which I am going to wear today) and sewed a Christmas apron.  It feels so good to finish projects – especially when there is so much more that needs to be finished before the holidays!

Have a great week, everyone.  ~J


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Yesterday, I started a sweet little hat to go with the baby sweater, which now is only in need of some buttons!  Do I want to use cream-colored buttons or do I want to try to match the yarn color?  Hmmm…~J

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Oh, the joys of Spring!  Babies, babies, and more babies to knit for.  Baby knits are the most satisfying types of knits – fast, cute and colorful.  This little hat is for another old high school friend of mine, Pete, and his wife Stephanie.  They are having a little girl in a few weeks, and I couldn’t resist whipping up this little confection of a hat for her.

The stem is knit as part of the hat, and the five petals were knit separately and then attached after.  I left the petals slightly loose, so that the ends could curl up a bit like  – just like real flowers.  There was quite a lot of weaving in to do, but the overall effect was totally worth it.

Don’t you just want to knit a whole bunch of these in different colors and sit them in a sunny window?  Adorable!  Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Upside-Down Daisy by Susan B. Anderson
  • Source: Itty Bitty Hats.  Buy it here!
  • Yarn: Berroco Comfort in Raspberry Sorbet (9728), Buttercup (9712), Chalk (9700), and Seedling (9740)
  • Needles: Size US 7 16″circular and US 7 dpns.
  • Size Made: Newborn

Lately, my brain is bursting with so many creative ideas that I literally had to write them all down!  I have quite a few things to show you, including some super-soft washcloths, a luxurious silk shawl/scarf, a new fingerless glove pattern, a couple of knitting magazine reviews, oh, and Jaime made two new fantastic summer dresses for the girlies.  Can’t wait to show you!

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My little niece, Ana Sophia, is turning one!

{Ce n'est pas un gâteau}

{Ce n'est pas un gâteau!}

This scrumptious little birthday cake hat will be just perfect for her, don’t you think?

{the top of the cake}

{the top of the cake}

Inside the candle is a bent straw that will help the candle stay upright:

{a sweet treat for a sweet girl}

{a sweet treat for a sweet girl}

Here it is ‘unfrosted’:

{waiting for pink icing}

{waiting to be decorated...}

And with yummy loops of pink icing:



Now, this hat is running a little larger than it should, only because I used a worsted instead of the DK the pattern calls for – I am trying to use up some of my stash, especially my overflow of white Berroco Comfort.  I figure she can just take the candle off of the top and use it as a girly winter hat – she’ll need it for those cold Michigan winters!

The Birthday Cake Hat

{Erin, my little foodie}

{Erin, my little foodie}

I guess you really can have your cake and eat it too!  ~Jenny

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{my little niece}

{my adorable niece}

My little nephew is due to be born in October, so knitting a pumpkin hat seemed only natural!  I sat in the studio and knocked the orange base out in no time, but then I got to the stem and realized there wasn’t a stitch of brown yarn in my stash.  I debated making the stem green along with the leaf, but decided to run down the street to my LYS and pick up a skein of brown (any excuse to go to the yarn shop, right?).  It makes the hat look more authentically pumpkin, so the extra trip was worth it!

{love the decreases on the top!}

{love the decreases on the top!}

This hat knits up BIG.  I made the 0-6 month size, but it fits my 5 year-old niece.  What I love about this pattern is that you’ll get a couple of years out it – roll up the brim for a tiny baby-sized head, then just unroll it as the child grows into it.  The cuteness-factor on this hat is huge – Meghan was all giggles while she was modeling it, and now all of my nieces want a little pumpkin of their own.  Looking at this hat also makes me want Fall to be here….cozy sweaters, pumpkin pie and changing leaves is just what this girl needs.

{the view from the top}

{the view from the top}

The Details:

Just a side-note on the yarn – the Solstice was really a pleasure to work with.  The yarn is part of their Verde Collection, and is 70% organic cotton/30% wool.  The wool gives the yarn warmth and the organic cotton provides a nice smoothness – no itchiness here, which is great for babies.  The colors are muted, but in a sophisticated way.  I will definitely be knitting with this yarn again.

{love that face}

{love. that. face.}

My hands are tired, knitters!  Today is the deadline for finishing all of the gifts I am knitting for my sister’s shower.  Krissy arrives here tomorrow, and everything needs to be washed and wrapped before she walks in the door.  Here is the list of things that I need to accomplish before the day is over:

  1. Finish the Mets Hat
  2. Make i-cord ties for the white booties
  3. Make i-cord tie for inside of the gray sweater
  4. Sew buttons onto the white cardigan
  5. Make booties to match the pumpkin hat – maybe a pair of these

Oh, and I also need to bake 60 cupcakes, 2 batches of lemon bars, 2 trays of rice crispy-treats and 5 dozen cinnamon-crisp cookies.  Busy, busy, busy…

No time to waste! ~Jenny

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