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my perch.

One of my favorite spots in the new house is the big comfy chair with ottoman in my knitting room, which overlooks the entryway and dining room…I love to sit and work on my knitting, consider paint colors for the house, read books (about to start Gone Girl, despite all of the apparent hulabaloo about the ending), sketch, or drink Manhattans while I spend hours browsing pinning items to my Pinterest boards. Sometimes I’ll move to the dining room when I want to blog, but will almost always end up back in the chair. The blue quilt and bear-claw pillow were made by my mother-in-law as a wedding gift. It’s my cozy little perch. How about you? Do you have a favorite spot in the house?

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Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the perfect shade of blue-gray-green for the new knitting room and dining room. Farrow & Ball has some of the prettiest shades, so I ordered four sample pots. Above is the Light Blue, which looks a little green on the chip, but in the room appears a soft, springy blue.

Skylight reads more blue-gray than green, but the color reminds me of the sky on an overcast day – this is definitely a cozy color.

The Blue Gray reads neither blue nor gray to me – more like a rustic sage. The website says this color will appear bluer in well-lit rooms. I was a bit intrigued, which is why I ordered this pot.

Finally, the Green Blue – this is the most saturated of the four colorsĀ  – and while I think it may be too strong for the walls, it may be a good color for an old wooden coffee table that needs a little refreshing.

Other contenders:

What are your thoughts, dear readers? Your suggestions are more than welcome in the comments!

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