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For my niece’s birthday, I whipped up a sweet little strand of garland for her dressing table, in her favorite shades of lavender, yellow, and white. I used a few different crochet patterns from around the web and Ravelry – let’s start with these large Vintage Circle Motifs from 1893:There are three of these, which used up all of my yellow yarn.  (Using up stash yarn feels so. good.) I then took out one of the middle sections of the pattern to make a smaller version – a set of two – this time in purple:While browsing crochet patterns on ravelry, I stumbled across a headband pattern that had this big, bold flower, which I thought sort of looked like a slightly reworked version of the circle motif. I made two in white, to break up the yellow and purple a bit:And of course a couple of tiny stars, from the fabulous Royal Sisters:But my absolute favorite have to be these little baby hearts:I can’t take the cuteness. I am going to knit a whole garland of these in red for Valentine’s Day, for sure.  The bigger flowers and circles could probably benefit from a soak in some fabric stiffener, so that they don’t flop over as much. To attach all the pieces together, I did a single crochet on the back right edge of one piece, chained 4, then worked a sc into the left edge of the next piece. I continued this way until all the pieces were attached. Then, on each end of the garland, I chained 25, did a sc to attach the chain to the back edge, then chained 25 more. This way, if she wants to tie the garland to something else, like a curtain rod, she can. 

Here are the links to the crochet patterns:

All were worked with a size G/4.00mm hook and Berroco Comfort worsted-weight yarn. 

Happy hooking! ~J

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