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finished skirt

Yesterday morning, Mike and I were up with the girls at 7am.  After I pulled a couple shots of espresso for some extra-hot lattes, Mike and I decided it was time to do the fall clean-out of the girls’ closets and dressers.  We usually do this ‘purge’ two or three times a year.  It feel especially important (and necessary) to do, because all of the girls will be attending school this year (in just one week!) and sorting through drawers and closets full of clothes that are either too small or out of season will likely delay the getting ready for school process.

So, THREE HOURS LATER we had pared their closets and dressers back significantly.  Erin and Meghan are sooooo tiny that at one point this morning Meghan was running around in her size 24M skirt (she’s 5) and I debated on whether or not to let her keep it or donate it.  (we wound up donating it – too short!)  As I was sorting through and deciding what to keep and what to donate, I realized that I was reluctant to give up many of the items that didn’t fit Erin and Meghan anymore because I loved the fabric so much.  That’s when I decided I would put Bernito to work!

size 3t dress

This particular dress was a gift from my cousin Samantha for Erin and Meghan’s third birthday.  We have two – one with pink flowers and one with purple.  Both are just absolutely adorable, but are just too short for their long legs.  After taking a long hard look at it, I realized if I just took the rotary cutter to the dress right above the velvet ribbons, we just might have a very cute skirt on our hands.

chalking the line

I had nothing to lose (because I was going to give it away anyway, right?) so I chalked a yellow line straight across the top of the dress where I’d want the waist of the skirt.  I broke out the rotary cutter and off it came.

I pinned it on Meghan to take it in just a bit, and decided to use the button on the back of the dress as a button on the top back of the skirt.  I mimicked the pleats on the front of the dress (now skirt) on the back in the places I took it in to fit Meghan.  I also left on the sash from the dress because it makes a cute bow on the back of the skirt.

pinning to fit

faking my way through a pleat

Last thing to do was to finish the raw edge on the top. Folded it over a couple of times, pressed, top stitched and voilà!  A new skirt for school.

the skirt!

the back




Total cutting and sewing time – about 30 minutes.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with the pink dress …

~ Jaime

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