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I love starting my Monday morning with some surprises, like this free Ysolda pattern over at Knitting Daily. The pattern is called Lee, and besides being both retro and glamorous, how fun does that construction look? Download the free pattern here; the Ravelry project page is here, and of course, Ysolda’s blog is here.

Happy Knitting! ~J

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…I’m knitting a Jared Flood pattern. It seems odd to me that I’ve never knit one of his patterns before, considering how much I love them. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. ~J

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Now that the new year is upon us, it’s back to healthy eating. My hubby likes to bring an apple to work with him in the morning, simply wrapped up in a paper towel*.  I thought he needed something a little nicer than a plain old paper towel, so I knit him an apple cozy!   I figured it would keep the apple better protected, in case he didn’t get to eat it right away.  Oddly, when I went to cast on, I discovered that I do not own a set of Size 5 dpns., so I made do with size 6 – the apple still fits perfectly. The pattern calls for a picot bind-off, which is a bit girly, so I switched it to a rib knit bind-off to keep it more masculine.  This was a fun little under-an-hour project, and it got a good laugh when I gave it to my hubby. Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Pearapple Cozy by Susan B. Anderson {a free knitting pattern!}
  • Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK in Dusk-2713, trace amount from stash
  • Needles: Size US 6 dpns.
  • Size made: One size
  • Ravelers: Click here for project page

 Today I am looking forward to the 5-8″ of snow we are expecting…there is nothing better than being snowed in with some knitting! ~J

{*Apparently, the paper towel serves a purpose – to clean your hands and hold the core until he gets to work and can throw it away – so this morning, I tucked one neatly into the cozy for him to use…}

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I’ve been meaning to share my Spud & Chloe knitalong sweater with you for quite some time now.  It came off my needles in late November, and it’s just the perfect sweater for this time of year.  I find myself reaching for it more than anything else in my closet.It is knit in the same exact size as Susan’s Grape Jelly pullover, only instead of adding garter stitch along the neckline, bottom hem and cuffs, I knit a 1 x 1 rib.  The sweater is roomy – thanks to the custom fit –  and the Cascade 220 wool is warm, warm, warm.The sleeves are not as tapered as I thought they would be – as you can see in this picture, they are more of a stove-pipe fit.  So if you would like the cuff to be a little more snug at the wrist, you might want to increase the number of decreases you work as you knit the arm.  The pattern was a dream to follow – most of the math was at the beginning and once you got going, it was pretty much stockinette all the way through.  This sweater reminds me of my beloved LL Bean raglan pullovers.  I would be perfectly happy with a whole closet of these in all different colors, although it might be fun to try the boat-neck version Wendy wrote up as well – in nautical stripes, of course.  It is perfect cold-weather addition to my standard outfit of Gap jeans and a gray t-shirt.Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Easy Top-Down Raglan Pullover, by Susan B. Anderson {free pattern!}
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Peruvian Highland Wool, 4 skeins in color 8400
  • Needles: Size US 7, 24″ circulars and set of Size 7 dpns.
  • Size made: 36″ bust measurement (I’m really a 34″, but I like my sweaters roomy…)
  • Modifications: added 1×1 ribbing at all openings instead of garter stitch

Math + lesson on sweater construction = fun.  ~J

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This is the birthday present I gave to Jaime this morning – a warm, cozy cowl knit in the softest virgin wool ever.  This literally flew off the needles in about 2 hours – from casting on to weaving in the two ends with a crochet hook.  These cowls have been in almost every mall display window lately, but why buy one when you can make one, right?If you are looking for a last-minute holiday gift, I highly, highly recommend this project!  The Twinkle Soft Chunky yarn is gloriously soft and easy to work with, and it blocked beautifully with just a few gentle tugs.  I want one in the clover color.  And black.  And maybe the urchin shade.

Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Marian by Jane Richmond {free knitting pattern!}
  • Yarn: Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky in French Grey, 1 skein
  • Needles: Size US 19″, 29″ circulars
  • Size Made: one size

{Hint: the patten give you the option to work a mobius-like twist into the cowl, which I opted for.  Basically, you know how they say “make sure stitches are not twisted before joining in the round?”  Well kids – here’s your chance to get a little bit crazy!  Basically, you take the first stitch and give it one full twist around the needle, then join it in the round as you normally would.}

I love Jane Richmond’s patterns – they are so modern and fresh.  Be sure to stop by her blog, her Ravelry page, or her Etsy shop for some inspiration! ~J

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When  my friend Rebecca told everyone she was going to have a little girl – 10 years after having her son! – I was pretty excited to do some baby knitting.  I asked her what her favorite color was, because I wanted her to have a special connection to the knits.  Her reply? “Pinky-salmon.”

Pinky.  Salmon.

Knitters – you and I both know that this was no. easy. task.  So after combing the yarn stores – both virtual and brick-and-mortar – for pinky-salmon yarn, I finally settled on Filatura di Crosa’s superwash Italian wool in the 1741 colorway.  It is half-way between a pinky-salmon and a vintage rose, but I think the real reason I chose it is because it matches my favorite Chanel lipstick: Rogue Coco in Mademoiselle:

We all have our inspiration, right?  I chose this particular pattern after seeing Alicia’s version in blue.  The pattern as written only calls for one row of eyelet lace at the bottom, but the two rows are much prettier, I think.  There are 20 rows between each button hole, so while knitting the rows for button hole 5, here’s what I did for the bottom of the sweater:

  • Row 1: k4, p to last 4, k4
  • Row 2: knit
  • Row 3 (ws): knit
  • Row 4 (rs): k5, *yo, k2tog* across, ending k5
  • Row 5: knit
  • Rows 6-10: continue in stockinette (keeping first and last 4 stitches in garter) until row 11.
  • Row 11 (ws): knit.
  • Row 12 (rs): k5, *yo, k2tog* across, ending k5.
  • Row 13: knit.
  • Rows 14 – 18: continue in stockinette (keeping first and last 4 stitches in garter)
  • Row 19: knit
  • Row 20: (button hole row) knit across to last 4 stitches, k1, yo, k2tog.
  • Rows 21-22: knit.  Bind off all stitches loosely.

It was difficult to find buttons that matched this yarn color, so I chose creamy, winter-white buttons, which compliment the hat and socks that I also knit as part of this set:

The sleeves were knit to be a little shorter than normal; babies like to chew on their hands, and despite the yarn’s softness, I didn’t want her chewing on wool.  This sweater will be a nice, warm layer over a soft t-shirt.

I am in love with this yarn.  I would knit with it again in a heartbeat!  Here are the project details:

Hopefully Rebecca will love her pinky-salmon sweater as much as I enjoyed making it.  ~J


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Hello, all!  Sorry for the long absence – we just got back from a week in beautiful Florida.  We went down to celebrate the 70th Wedding Anniversary of my husband’s grandparents.   Can you imagine being married for seventy years?  It is amazingly inspiring…  The trip down and back was the perfect time for some sweater knitting, and I knocked out almost the whole length of the body on my raglan pullover.  I will knit for 3 more inches, then add the ribbed border – either 1×1 or 2×2 rib – we will see which looks best.

Here is a picture of where I casted on the 5 extra stitches under the arms.  I tried the sweater on yesterday, and it fits like a glove!  I need to finish it soon, now that I am back to the chilly Delaware weather…

It will be the perfect weekend to  head over to the local orchard for pumpkin picking and my favorite –  apple cider donuts. What will you be doing this weekend?   ~J

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