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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Yesterday I crocheted a few of these cute little shamrocks, and turned them into a garland for my Mom. They are so cute and so very easy. My crochet stitches are still a little wonky, as you can see in the chains connecting the shamrocks, but I don’t think my Mom will mind. I used some leftover Malabrigo worsted yarn, and crocheted this in about a half and hour. Easy-peasy. I am thinking about crocheting a couple more single shamrocks and leaving them on pillows tonight……you, know, as a little gift from those sneaky little leprechauns! Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Shamrock Garland, by Suzetta Williams {free crochet pattern!}
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, trace amount in the color Lettuce
  • Hook: Size H/5.00 mm. (I didn’t have the size called for in the pattern)
  • Ravelry: Click here for project page

Tonight, I will be looking forward to drinking a tall Guinness and getting for the big St. Patrick’s Day party we are having tomorrow night! How about you? How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I crocheted a teeny little strand of hearts to hang up in my kitchen.  They are so sweet, aren’t they? For some reason, I can’t seem to get the hearts to face forward unless they are propped up against something, so these sweet little babies will be strung on the wall above my kitchen sink. If you’re in a lovey-dovey mood, here are the details:

  • Pattern: Heart Garland by Suzetta Williams {free crochet pattern!}
  • Yarn: Classic Elite Solstice in 2358 – Geranium
  • Hook: Size 4.0mm G
  • Ravelers: Click here for the pattern page.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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For my niece’s birthday, I whipped up a sweet little strand of garland for her dressing table, in her favorite shades of lavender, yellow, and white. I used a few different crochet patterns from around the web and Ravelry – let’s start with these large Vintage Circle Motifs from 1893:There are three of these, which used up all of my yellow yarn.  (Using up stash yarn feels so. good.) I then took out one of the middle sections of the pattern to make a smaller version – a set of two – this time in purple:While browsing crochet patterns on ravelry, I stumbled across a headband pattern that had this big, bold flower, which I thought sort of looked like a slightly reworked version of the circle motif. I made two in white, to break up the yellow and purple a bit:And of course a couple of tiny stars, from the fabulous Royal Sisters:But my absolute favorite have to be these little baby hearts:I can’t take the cuteness. I am going to knit a whole garland of these in red for Valentine’s Day, for sure.  The bigger flowers and circles could probably benefit from a soak in some fabric stiffener, so that they don’t flop over as much. To attach all the pieces together, I did a single crochet on the back right edge of one piece, chained 4, then worked a sc into the left edge of the next piece. I continued this way until all the pieces were attached. Then, on each end of the garland, I chained 25, did a sc to attach the chain to the back edge, then chained 25 more. This way, if she wants to tie the garland to something else, like a curtain rod, she can. 

Here are the links to the crochet patterns:

All were worked with a size G/4.00mm hook and Berroco Comfort worsted-weight yarn. 

Happy hooking! ~J

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{Pattern from The Purl bee}

This little blanket is ready to be shipped to New York for my cousin Anna’s baby shower.   I am so pleased with how it turned out:


ravel me!

The details:

Hope your long weekend was filled with lots of relaxing and crafting!  ~Jenny

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