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On Sundays, I love to spend the day in the kitchen…this weekend, Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies were made, as were french radish, butter and sea salt sandwiches. I used a little of that fresh Amish butter we bought from the Dutch farmer’s market. If you’ve never tried this classic french pairing, I highly recommend you do…you’ll never look at radishes the same way again! Three of my favorite things in the kitchen are my little red tea-pot, the mason jar salt and pepper shakers (you can buy a set here), and the red carnations.  Aren’t those red carnations cheery? They were my grandmother’s favorite flower to give us as little girls, so once a month, I pick up a small bunch ($4) at the grocery store. They last forever and need very little care; every time I look at them, I think of her.

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This morning we woke up to dark cozy bedrooms and a cold, rainy day.  It is one of those days where you just want to cocoon, so I put on a big pot of chicken soup:

and baked a loaf of fresh apple cake:

Now when the gang comes home from work and school, they’ll walk into a house filled with delicious, welcoming smells and yummy treats to eat.  Stay dry today, knitters! ~J

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