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the weekend

Well, hello! The hubby and I are getting settled into our new little home…the past few months have been a whirlwind of moving, working, and lots of little league. Things are finally starting to slow down, and we’ve been able to explore our small town. There is a sweet little main street with a cheese shop, a seafood market, an old-fashioned movie theater, and an irish pub. This weekend, we stopped into the local Amish farmer’s market, where we bought fresh veggies and ate delicious pot roast sandwiches. They had an entire bakery onsite, so we took home mini lemon meringue and chocolate cream pies:

Things are finally starting to slow down, and I’ve been slowly trying to get back into the creative swing of things. I’ve been working on a few little projects here and there, and I can’t wait to show them to you! This weekend, I decided to work on this wool blanket, which has been hibernating forever:


It feels good to be  knitting. And blogging. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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nearly finished.

The Shaelyn shawl is coming along quite nicely…only two more repeats of the main lace chart are left before the edging.

Look how beautifully the cotton yarn catches the light…

It would be fantastic if I could have this finished by Easter, so that my mother-in-law could wear it to church.

I promised myself I wouldn’t work on it until I am finished knitting my sissy’s Hermione socks. Maybe this weekend I will wind the second ball of yarn…that doesn’t count as cheating, does it?

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{photo via homespun living}

How pretty are these petite French farmhouse dishcloths? I want to knit a whole stack of them for the new kitchen…cream-colored organic cotton paired with red french ticking-stripes is a classic I will never tire of. Perhaps I’ll knit some of the stripes in navy blue, and some in a sunny yellow, then pile them all sweetly into a basket next to our kitchen sink.

For the free pattern, please visit the Homespun Living blog!


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Not surprisingly, I am a little bit behind on some of my knitting projects. This pair of Hermione socks will be a birthday gift for my sister in NY. Her birthday was in December, but thankfully, she has been a very patient sissy.

The first sock is complete, and I am two pattern repeats from beginning the heel on the second sock. The yarn is The Fibre Company’s Canopy Fingering, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite sock yarns. Unlike last time, I am knitting this pattern in one solid color- Paw-Paw, which my sister picked out herself.

If you’ve never tried this yarn, I highly recommend it. It is a soft and slightly fuzzy blend of alpaca, merino wool and bamboo, and comes in beautiful kettle-dyed shades that are perfect for spring knitting. Once these are finished, I’ll move on to finishing my mother-in-law’s Shaelyn, followed by my Hedgerow socks.

So many projects, so very little time…Have a lovely week!

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fingerless glovesIt’s still quite chilly in the mornings when I leave for work, so I am thankful for my simple, woolen gloves. Knit in the Plassard Alpaga Dona sent me from France, they have been worn almost every single day since they were taken off the needles.

The girls in the office have all taken turns wearing them to keep their hands warm while typing. I love that they are ‘community gloves.’ (Consequently, this could also be why we keep taking turns getting sick…). They are especially good for taking photographs:

These tiny woolens are – by far – the most worn of all my knits.



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Well, hello! How is everyone? As you may have guessed, things have been pretty crazy around here. It’s hard to believe that it has been months since I’ve last posted…to say that I’ve missed being a part of the knitting community is a huge understatement. It feels good to be back.

My dear readers, we have quite a bit to catch up on, so I will start with this sweet little baby sweater:

I mean, how cute is this? This sweet grandpa-sweater was gifted to a lovely co-worker of mine expecting her first little boy. The yarn is a heathered cotton-wool, which will be the perfect weight for those first damp, chilly weeks of spring. I was a sucker for the garter-stitch shawl collar:

And the cozy, garter-stitch cuffs:

While in my local knitting store, I happened upon the cutest little wooden twig buttons. They add a charmingly-rustic touch, don’t you think?

Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down
  • Yarn: Coast by Tahki Yarns in #005 Fog (2 skeins)
  • Needles: Size US 7 needles, 24″ circulars and set of 4 dpns.

This knit up very quickly, over the course of a few wintry afternoons. It’s the perfect little boy sweater.

{Thanks to Alana for the sweet inspiration!}

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As the weather gets colder, I find myself walking around the house exactly like this – a mismatch of flannel p.j. pants, hand knit socks, a scarf or shawl and a cozy sweater…

I hope you all have a cozy weekend full of wool and knitting.

{images via toast uk}

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