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When  my friend Rebecca told everyone she was going to have a little girl – 10 years after having her son! – I was pretty excited to do some baby knitting.  I asked her what her favorite color was, because I wanted her to have a special connection to the knits.  Her reply? “Pinky-salmon.”

Pinky.  Salmon.

Knitters – you and I both know that this was no. easy. task.  So after combing the yarn stores – both virtual and brick-and-mortar – for pinky-salmon yarn, I finally settled on Filatura di Crosa’s superwash Italian wool in the 1741 colorway.  It is half-way between a pinky-salmon and a vintage rose, but I think the real reason I chose it is because it matches my favorite Chanel lipstick: Rogue Coco in Mademoiselle:

We all have our inspiration, right?  I chose this particular pattern after seeing Alicia’s version in blue.  The pattern as written only calls for one row of eyelet lace at the bottom, but the two rows are much prettier, I think.  There are 20 rows between each button hole, so while knitting the rows for button hole 5, here’s what I did for the bottom of the sweater:

  • Row 1: k4, p to last 4, k4
  • Row 2: knit
  • Row 3 (ws): knit
  • Row 4 (rs): k5, *yo, k2tog* across, ending k5
  • Row 5: knit
  • Rows 6-10: continue in stockinette (keeping first and last 4 stitches in garter) until row 11.
  • Row 11 (ws): knit.
  • Row 12 (rs): k5, *yo, k2tog* across, ending k5.
  • Row 13: knit.
  • Rows 14 – 18: continue in stockinette (keeping first and last 4 stitches in garter)
  • Row 19: knit
  • Row 20: (button hole row) knit across to last 4 stitches, k1, yo, k2tog.
  • Rows 21-22: knit.  Bind off all stitches loosely.

It was difficult to find buttons that matched this yarn color, so I chose creamy, winter-white buttons, which compliment the hat and socks that I also knit as part of this set:

The sleeves were knit to be a little shorter than normal; babies like to chew on their hands, and despite the yarn’s softness, I didn’t want her chewing on wool.  This sweater will be a nice, warm layer over a soft t-shirt.

I am in love with this yarn.  I would knit with it again in a heartbeat!  Here are the project details:

Hopefully Rebecca will love her pinky-salmon sweater as much as I enjoyed making it.  ~J


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pitter patter…

These might just be the cutest socks ever, don’t you think?  They are so teeny-tiny and super-squishy!  Now that I’ve knit these, I don’t think I’ll ever knit a pair of baby booties again.  The cute factor is way high on these socks, plus, they will surely stay put on wiggly little baby feet – something booties seem to have a problem doing.
I knit these to go with the baby sweater I’ve been working on, which is also finished (I’ll share with you tomorrow!).  And of course, to complete the set, I whipped up a classic little hat:
I love knitting wee-little things.  Here are the details:


  • pattern:Pitter-Patter Socks, by Jackie Ziegler (pdf download on Ravelry)
  • yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zara Solid (in Salmon – 1741 and Ivory – 1396)
  • needles: Size US 4 dpns.
  • size made: small


Tomorrow you will get to see the sweater, complete with buttons.  Also, I finished my raglan pullover (which I am going to wear today) and sewed a Christmas apron.  It feels so good to finish projects – especially when there is so much more that needs to be finished before the holidays!

Have a great week, everyone.  ~J


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Yesterday, I started a sweet little hat to go with the baby sweater, which now is only in need of some buttons!  Do I want to use cream-colored buttons or do I want to try to match the yarn color?  Hmmm…~J

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My sweet little nephew is turning one – so I thought I’d knit him a winter hat for his big, meatball head.  This pattern is by Kim Hamlin, and it is from the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.  The project is listed under the 2-4 Hour Projects chapter, and from the time I started to the time I wove in my last end, it ended up taking me about 6 hours to make.

I love quick projects like this!  The beauty of this hat is definitely how customizable it is…I started by adding some variegated stripes to the body, to break up what would have been a sea of navy blue.  Then, I knit the ear-flaps as written, but using the gray yarn, did a single crochet around the perimeter of each flap for contrast:

Then, I worked the gray yarn into the i-cord ties…

Finally, I attached a couple of small pom-poms to the bottom of the ties, and one large pom-pom to the top…

Here is the hat, being modeled by my beautiful niece:

I know what you’re thinking – this looks way to big for a one-year old.  Well, that one-year old has a head circumference of 20″.  The pattern sizing puts him in the ‘child‘ size bracket, which is listed as 20 1/2″.  This is why we call him meatball.  It may be a little large for him, but he will most certainly grow into it over the winter.

Here are the details:

I will be hand-delivering the hat to him tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see him in it!  I promise to take a picture for you all…have a great weekend! ~J

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…of a sweet baby sweater knit in cozy, Italian wool.  ~J

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Sorry about the long absence…I had a week of kid-free bliss and went offline to knit, bake and have a few dinner-and-a-movie dates with my sweet husband.  And just in case you are wondering, yes, the gray sweater is finally off of the needles.  Tonight it will be blocked and then all that’s left will be sewing it all together.  I can’t wait!

Also, tomorrow I am going to cast on a little baby sweater, knit top-down and seamless – inspired by Alicia’s sweet version, seen here.  Her blog, Posie Gets Cozy is pretty fun to read – she makes the most beautiful knitwear and dresses for children; and she quilts, too!   Have a great week, all. ~J

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Jaime and I are always looking for fast and cute baby projects around here – and this hooded baby towel featured over at The Purl Bee sure does fit the bill nicely!  The vintage looking Blue Posies fabric they used is totally sweet for a girl, and they paired it with Michael Miller’s soft Organic Terrycloth.  For a boy, I might back the terrycloth with this charming Three Little Pigs fabric:

A whole stack of these would be perfect for my adorable nephew, Jack, who is totally in love with his new pool.  Here is a picture of his very first swim, taken just last week:

He needs something soft and cozy to dry off that little Buddha-belly of his! ~J

{Towel project page here, fabric can be bought here and terrycloth here.}

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